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What is Motivation?

‘The best way to get something done is to take that very first step, however small, and make a start.’   Anne Wyatt

Motivation is the ability to think about what we want or need to do, decide we are going to do it and then actually do it. Often we can have the desire or need to do something, we can even really want to do it but when it comes to the point of actually doing it, our willpower and motivation fails. It can affect us in all sorts of areas of life, whether its completing that report in work, phoning the friend you’ve not spoken to in ages, starting your healthy exercise plan or getting on with that hobby you love.

A lack of motivation is no fun and can have a significant impact on your work and personal life as well as leading to feelings of anxiety, low mood and frustration. It can result in us missing out on a fun, enjoyable and fulfilling life. But it doesn’t have to be like this!

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How can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to focus on the end goal, the benefits of it and why it is important to you. Effective visualisation techniques, proven to be effective through neuroscientific research, strengthen your ability to pursue those goals and ultimately achieve them. You’ll be supported in finding and taking those small steps towards that wonderful goal, leaving you with a great sense of achievement, pride, energy and motivation to continue. Together, we’ll get you there!

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