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*150% improvement over 3 months in feelings of overall well being! Sound good?


Most people when choosing a therapist want to know some key things:

  • Is this approach going to work?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Can you prove the benefits?

While the answers can never be given in absolute terms, here at Bon Accord Hypnotherapy, I can provide you with some hard evidence that goes a long way towards providing the information.

*Clients who come to see me have the option of using the CPHT Outcomes and Research Project (CORP), which was developed by Matthew Cahill of the Clifton Hypnotherapy Training school.  At the end of each session, clients who opt in to this tool, take a minute or two to rate themselves on an easy to use scale of 1 – 10 over the following seven parameters:

  1. Thoughts
  2. Interaction
  3. Activity
  4. Confidence
  5. Strengths
  6. Achievements
  7. Happiness

The scores are available immediately on a personalised chart specific to them. The chart is updated with each session which means that both the client and therapist can see real evidence of how things are progressing every session.

Another great feature of CORP is that the anonymous data from every client that I have seen, can be amalgamated on a single chart so I can share with you the effectiveness the therapy provided specifically by Bon Accord Hypnotherapy.  It also allows me to compare my results with those of other therapists across the UK and the world who use CORP, so I can continually strive to improve my own skills to support clients better.  You can see the results for yourself below:

CORP Customer Progress Data –

  • Results in red are amalgamated from all Bon Accord Hypnotherapy clients who have opted in to the project.
  • Vertical scale – total points scored by client
  • Horizontal scale – number of sessions taken. 
  • The Horizontal blue line represents the scores for an average person in terms of emotional wellbeing. Scores below this line suggest a person is using more primitive, negative and emotional thinking powered by the limbic (flight, flight, freeze) system to cope with everyday life. Above the line indicates they are using more of the positive, calm, rational and problem-solving thought processes available in the sophisticated left frontal cortex of the brain.
session progress chart in bon accord hypnotherapy

CORP customer change data -

  • Top chart is specific to Bon Accord Hypnotherapy
  • Bottom chart shows the amalgamated results for every therapy practice using CORP
  • Bottom blocks (red/pink) indicate the average starting scores for all clients
  • Green top blocks indicate averaged progress for all clients.
change achieved charts bon accord therapy

This data shows that on average you would see around a 70% improvement in your feelings of overall wellbeing in 3 months of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy from any trained therapist in the UK or abroad which, is quite impressive.

At Bon Accord Hypnotherapy, the data shows on average a 150% improvement is seen over the same time period.

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